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PHP Volunteers Needed

The Purple Heart Project is a completely volunteer organization so that we can maximize the percentage of donations that go to fund PHP programs.   PHP is still growing, and we have numerous volunteer positions available.   See the list below for the volunteers we are seeking.  If you are interested in serving in one of these positions, finding out more about a position, or you have a particular skill or position in mind that’s not listed please contact Luther at or go to the “Contact Us” link at the PHP website at


VFW Fundraising Manager:  Seeking a volunteer, preferably a member of the VFW, who will coordinate and manage PHP information and fundraising outreach to VFW posts across the U.S.

Woodworking Groups Fundraising Manager: Seeking a volunteer who will coordinate and manage PHP information and fundraising outreach to woodworking clubs and businesses in the U.S.

Military Groups Fundraising Manager:  Seeking a volunteer who will coordinate and manage PHP’s information and fundraising outreach to military organizayion and associations (e.g. NCO foundation, Branch organizations, etc..) across the U.S.

Fundraising Advisor:  Seeking a volunteer with corporate and foundation fundraising experience to assist and advise the PHP leadership in the art of fundraising.

Fundraising Grant Writer: Seeking a volunteer with experience in searching out grants and writing grant applications to assist and advise the PHP leadership in the art of grant writing.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising System Manager. Seeking a volunteer to help manage our donorbox peer-to-peer fundraising system.

Assistant Webmasters.  Seeking multiple volunteers experienced working in WIX website builder to assist with website management and posting.

Legal Advisor.  Seeking a lawyer to provide advise to the PHP leadership on corporate legal questions and issue that arise time to time, especially it pertains to WA state law (PHP is incorporated in WA).  PHP can provide in-kind donation tax receipts for professional services provided.

Public Affairs Manager.  Seeking a volunteer interested is taking on and growing the role of PHP publications manager. Mission is togetthe word about PHP to media outlets.  Could start out as simple as writing PHP related articles for publication to newspapers and blogs.

Technical Advisor. Seeking a volunteer with online and software technical skills that can advise and assist PHP with software selection, usage, best practices, and online presence optimization.

Online Auction Manager.  Seeking a volunteer interested in growing a PHP online auction site where PHP conducts online auctions to fundraise for PHP.

Airline Ticketing Manager.  Seeking a volunteer who can create, manage, and coordinate PHP’s air travel arrangement and ticketing for PHP Scholarship Selectees.

Policy and Procedure Writer.  Seeking a volunteer to assist PHP in writing PHP policies and procedures.

Bench Brigade Builders.  Always looking for volunteers wanting to join PHP’s Bench Brigade to build and deliver workbenches to PHP Scholarship Selectees. 

Donorbox Assistant Manager.   Seeking a volunteer to be the primary assistant for managing our donor management software called Donorbox.  Only basic computer skills (e.g. Word and PowerPoint type skills) are needed.

If you would like to volunteer for any of the positions, discuss a position in more detail, or propose a new volunteer position please contact Luther at


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