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Ways to Donate

Link to the PHP's Donation Page

Donate by Credit or Debit Card

Link tp PHP's donate via Venmopage

Donate by Venmo Transfer

Link to PHP's donate by mail page

Mail-in Your Donation

(Avoid the Internet)

Link to PHP's ebay auction site

Bid on something at PHP's eBay site

Link to the PHP's donate in honor or memory of page

Donate In Honor or Memory of


Link to PHP's donate via Paypal  page

Donate by PayPal Transfer

Link to PHP's donate by bank transfer page

Donate by Bank 

Wire Transfer

Link to PHP's donation in-kind page

Donate an item to PHP

Link to PHP's donate vis ACH payment page

Donate by Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH payment)

Stock Certificate.png

Donate Stock to the Purple Heart Project

Link to PHP's Peer-to-Peer fundraising page

Peer to Peer Fundraising

for PHP

Link to PHP's online auction page

Coming in Soon

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