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Submit a "Blue Chip" Recommendation

What is a Blue Chip?

At The Purple Heart Project, we refer to the act of recommending combat wounded Veterans for a PHP scholarship as "Blue Chipping." When you "Blue Chip" a combat wounded Veteran, you are confirming the Veteran meets all the criteria for a PHP Scholarship (See "Who can apply" on the application page) and you have assessed they are a good fit for the program. Your endorsement serves as a crucial step in ensuring that deserving combat wounded Veterans are selected for a PHP scholarship and thus carries great resposibility.

Students in the Training the Hand Workshp

Who Can Submit a Blue Chip

Only the following individuals can submit a "Blue Chip" scholarship recommendation:


1) Previous Purple Heart Project scholarship selectees

2) Previous Training the Hand Workshop attendees.

3) Members of the PHP Board of Directors

4) Select PHP supportors granted Blue Chip authority by the PHP Board of Directors.

PHP Scholarship selectee learning the edge plane a board
A PHP selectee edge planing a board

How To Submit a Blue Chip 

If you know someone who is a good fit for a PHP scholarship and you have confirmed they met all the above criteria, submit a blue chip recommendation by clicking the button below and filling out the form that will open up.

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