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Executive Director's Update: 1st Quarter 2024

1. First quarter 2024 Results. First quarter 2024 PHP donations received were $99,154.64 (USD), which exceeds our 2024 quarterly goal of $87,500 (USD).  This is a great start to 2024 and we thank all of our loyal PHP supporters.  If we can sustain this level of giving throughout 2024 we will be able to fully fund PHP for the first year ever.   Individual donations from PHP supporters like yourself are the primary funding source which makes PHP’s mission possible.  If you have not done so already, please consider becoming a sustaining PHP supporter by signing up for a reoccurring monthly donation on our PHP donation website.  Please donate today.

2.  StellaNova Foundation. We would like to highlight the very generous donation pledge from the StellaNova Foundation of $42,000 which will fully fund six combat wounded Veterans through the PHP program.  We are so grateful to StellaNova foundation for believing in the PHP’s mission and their desire to serve combat wounded Veterans. Please visit StellaNova’s website to learn about the other terrific work they do.

3.  Donation Initiatives.  Brent Nelson, our volunteer Donorbox fundraising manager has made two significant improvements to Donorbox: Peer-to-Peer fundraising and Double the Donation.  Peer-to-Peer (P2P) fundraising is a way that individual PHP supporters can fundraise on behalf of PHP.  Please see our P2P page on the PHP website for more information about P2P.  Brent has also activated Double the Donation on our Donorbox donation site.  With double the donation PHP supporters can double their donation by leveraging employer matching funds. To find out if your employer is one of the thousands of companies who offer to match your non-profit donations, go to our Donorbox donation site. Just type in the name of your employer in the “Employer Matching” window to see if they participate.

4.  Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).  Ralph Sutton, PHP’s volunteer CFC manager has completed the application process to get PHP approved for CFC’s 2025 campaign.  CFC is a program by which U.S. federal employees can donate to charitable causes through automatic payroll deductions.  We will keep you updated as Ralph navigates this process.

5.  Grants and Foundation Support.  In January, The PHP Board approved joining Grant station, a service that allows us to locate and apply for corporate, foundational, and government grants to support PHP.  Dave Spencer, PHP’s volunteer grant manager, is working hard to locate an organization that may support our Veteran’s service mission through funding. The grant season goes into high gear in the 4th quarter of the year and Dave is working hard to position PHP to gain support.   

6.  Ebay Auction.  Corey Miller and Jake Torola are working now to hold our first reoccurring ebay auction of items hand crafted by PHP alumni and supporters to raise money in support of PHP.  Corey and Jake are currently seeking donations of small, handcrafted items such as boxes, cutting boards, or other small items to auction off.  If you would like to make a donation or find out more please contact Corey Miller at

If you would like to volunteer to help fundraise for PHP or have any fundraising expertise that could assist PHP please contact the Executive Director at


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