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Featured Purple Heart Project Alumni

By Patrick Glynn

Our featured PHP alumni is Danny Bell, an Army Veteran who received his PHP Scholarship in October 2019.  Danny spent most of his Army career with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment that provides helicopter aviation support for U.S. special operations forces. Originally a helicopter crewman, Danny transitioned to a pilot and flew chinook helicopters, logging many flight hours over numerous combat deployments. In fact Luther notified Danny of his PHP scholarship while Danny was flying special forces missions in Afghanistan!

Originally from New Hampshire, Danny and family enjoyed the Fort Campbell Kentucky area where they mostly lived while on active duty. After retirement from the Army Danny opened a local lumber and woodworking business near Fort Campbell he named The Hardwood Grove. Danny became a very skilled custom furniture builder and specialized in using epoxy pours in his pieces.

Danny has always been a huge supporter of the PHP and prioritized reaching out to other veterans and offering them help, friendship, and encouragement to apply to the PHP.  Danny has likely been responsible for more Veterans applying for PHP scholarships than any other PHP alumni, although we do not keep count.

Danny and his family has spent the last few years living and woodworking in Maine where Danny has continued to create beautiful custom furniture pieces and support PHP. Despite their own full schedules Danny and his wife Jenna have traveled to New Brunswick Canada three times to assitant with Rob's Training the Hand Workshops in 2022.

Missing Kentucky, Danny and Jenna are in the process of moving back to the Fort Campbell, Kentucky area they love. Danny is using his woodworking skills to self-build a new home. Once the house is finished Danny looks forward to continue his fine woodworking and supporting PHP.

Danny’s successes have been anything but easy. Like most combat wounded Veterans Danny struggles with his PTSD, but he always manages to get back up and keep pushing forward in all aspects of life and business. And that’s what inspires us all the most.


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