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Bench Brigade Update

 2023 was a fantastic year for the PHP Bench Brigade.  The Bench Brigade volunteers built and delivered 38 workbenches to PHP scholarship selectees this year, making a total of 135 workbenches built and delivered to date. 

2023 was also year of “firsts.”  The Bench Brigade delivered a PHP workbench to our first combat Wounded Warrior husband and wife team, Todd and Michelle Osborne.  We had our first Woodcraft store sponsor a workbenchbuild.  The Nashville Woodcraft store sponsored, and the store employees built a workbench for PHP scholarship selectee David Lewis.  Ed and Kelli Sontag, the owners of the Norfolk and Richmond Woodcraft stores, partnered with the Tidewater Woodworker’s Guild to build PHP Workbenches.  This awesome team built six workbenches and delivered them for Pat McLean, Mark Kroll, Matt Cantanese, Noah Mutrie, Ward Taft, and Justin Dougherty.  The Woodcraft Store in Appleton Wisconsin and the Nestle’ Corporation, represented by Bench Brigade volunteer and Nestle’ employee Chris McCoy, built Patrick Glynn’s workbench.  Patrick and Chris were also the first PHP scholarship selectee and Bench Brigade volunteer that attended Rob Cosman Training Hand Workshop together.  Last but not least, the Bench Brigade’s only Husband and wife builder team, Larry and Lynn McDaniel, built and delivered Andrew Whitaker’s PHP workbench. 

We want to extend a very special thank you to the woodworking clubs that make an immeasurable contribution to the Bench Brigade, they are the Codiak Woodworker’s Guild in New Brunswick; the Alabama Woodworker’s Guild; the Ruston Louisianna A Men’s Shed; and the Tidewater Woodworker’s Guild from Virginia Beach.  These woodworking clubs stepped up when the Bench Brigade was in great need.  If you are a member of a woodworking club, please ask your membership to considering joining the Bench Brigade team.  We need your help, especially if you are near a major military installation.  We are happy to attend one of your club meetings via video teleconference if your club wants to learn about the Bench Brigade.

Speaking of Bench Brigade volunteers, we are seeking volunteers in the following areas:  San Diego (Camp Pendleton area), South Central Kentucky / Northern Tennessee (Ft Campbell area), Eastern Virginia (Norfolk Naval Installations / Langley AFB), Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Central Alberta, Southeastern Ontario, Quebec, Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Israel.

To learn more about the PHP Bench Brigade or to volunteer to become a Bench Brigade builder please visit the Bench Brigade section on the PHP website or email Jack Lane at


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