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Peer to Peer Instructions

Purple Heart Project Fundraising Donorbox Instruction Sheet

  1. Click on the “Start a P2P Campaign” button on the PHP Fundraising tab.

  2. Provide your Name and Email Address. An email will be sent to you from Donorbox.

  3. Open the email and click on “Complete Your Account”

  4. Add a password when prompted.

  5. Click “Set-Up Campaign” in the upper right corner.

  6. Upper Left- Upload images (not required – but it helps others identify with why you are fundraising).

  7. Middle Left- Either share your story or use the PHP story provided.

  8. Bottom Left- Scroll down and add a Campaign Goal.

  9. Click Create Campaign.

  10. You will go to a page that says “Congratulations – Pending”

  11. Either choose to preview the page or continue editing.

  12. The last step is sharing the “donorbox” post on your social media via the three buttons at the bottom of the screen.

  13. It is that easy!

    Below are two assets that may help you if you are getting stuck. The first is a YouTube link from Donorbox explaining set-up and the the second it the Donorbox website instructions.

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